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Why You Need to Clean Your Fans before Summer

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Did you know that it is crucial to clean the fans in your home before the start of summer? Summer is a warm time of the year, so many homeowners cannot wait to open the windows in their homes and turn on their fans. It is a great and efficient way to cool down your house with truly fresh air. So why exactly do you need to clean your fans before summer starts? Here’s the top reasons:

One: Dirty Fans, Dirty Home

Your fans move around air in your home, which is awesome for cooling it down. However, this is not so great if your fans are dirty. Dust and dirt build up without use, and after an entire winter, there is definitely a significant amount sitting on top of your fan blades.

If you turn on your fan without cleaning it, this dirt will fly all over the rooms in your home. This can lead to dirty carpets, walls, beds, and more. It is better to avoid this big mess by simply cleaning your fans. All you need is a step stool and some common cleaning supplies!

Two: Decreases Air Quality

Another very important reason to clean your fans before you turn them on this summer is because dirty fans can actually decrease the air quality in your home. As discussed above, fans move around the air in your home and if your fan blades are dirty, the dirt gets spread. Fan blades can also have allergens, dust, and mold on them. These are not things that you want flying around your house when you turn your fans on for the summer. This is especially bad is anyone in your home has serious allergies or respiratory health problems. These people need high quality air in their homes. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your fans in order to keep high air quality in your home this summer.

Exhaust Fans

One more important type of fan to clean in your home is the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms. Cleaning them ensures that they will operate correctly. Kitchen exhaust fans can have grease build up, which is a big fire risk. Don’t forget to clean these fans too this summer!

Are You Ready to Clean Your Fans?

Nobody wants dirt, dust, and mold flying around the rooms in their home. Therefore, it is necessary to take the time to clean all of the types of fans in your home before you turn them on this summer.

By keeping your household fans clean, you will effectively improve and preserve the air quality in your home while enjoying the fresh air from a warm summer breeze. If you need help with improving the airflow and quality in your home as well as ventilation, companies such as GreenBox Home Services offer reliable services and products that are available to help you. Certified technicians are trained to provide professional and excellent service. If you are interested in hiring a GreenBox Home Services employee, feel free to checkout our  website or contact us directly at (859) 278-0281. Don’t wait to have clean air in your home this summer!

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