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Variable Speed Compressors are Must for your HVAC System

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Your HVAC system needs a variable speed compressor to function efficiently. Don’t know what it is? You don’t have to know what it is as long as you know what it can do for you!

See for yourself how a variable speed compressor adds value to your HVAC system.

Additional Control

By adding a variable speed compressor to your HVAC you can have additional control over your HVAC system. For instance, when you need a mild temperature, a traditional HVAC gives you a full blow of cold air then turns slow afterward. This full thrust uses a lot of energy. In contrast, your variable speed compressor will start out slowly from the beginning, giving you exactly the temperature that you need. You will save your bills because of low energy consumption in this process.

Advance Technology

Your variable speed compressor can take a high power fluctuation due to advance technology and not end up fried for good like fixed compressors. A main feature of the variable speed compressor is motor drive that detects outdoor problems and shuts down before it can be affected by these problems. The same outdoor problems can damage a fixed compressor.

Configurable Settings

You may have seen an HVAC that does not have any setting options other than on and off. A variable speed compressor allows multiple configurable settings for your HVAC. It does not make any noise. It gives a more comfortable experience, greater humidity, saves your money and even gets you rebates.

Longer Run Time

When compared with a single-stage compressor or a two-stage compressor, a variable speed compressor has a longer run time. This allows efficient functioning of the system. It reduces glitches that are quite frequent in other compressors. It can automatically make changes in its operating speed. This automatic transition becomes cost-savvy for you.


As a variable speed compressor handles the flow of the current smoothly due to its changing operating speed, it is at a lower risk of damage due to fluctuation in current. When it sustains minimal damage compared to the single-stage and the two-stage compressors, its lifespan automatically outgrows the other two compressors.


A variable speed compressor uses a longer cycle when compared to a single stage and a two-stage compressor which allows the heat pump to remove extra moisture from the air. A single stage compressor does not take humidity into account. It only uses temperature to turn its cycle on or off. That creates an imbalance. It either makes the environment too cold with no humidity or will have high levels of humidity in normal temperature.  

Your HVAC system is the most expensive addition to your house. In return, it gives you the level of comfort you desire after a hard day’s work. Don’t ruin it by installing a less than efficient compressor in your HVAC. GreenBox Home Services has HVAC systems with variable speed technology that will give you enhanced control over all your heating and cooling needs. Let your house stand out as an epitome of your luxury.

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