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Troubleshooting Your Lexington HVAC Fan

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Your heating and cooling system’s blower fan works whenever the system does in order to push the conditioned air generated by these systems into your indoor living areas. When they won’t turn on or off appropriately, they can eat up excessive energy and cause your HVAC systems not to function properly. If your HVAC fans won’t turn on or off, these troubleshooting tips may restore their function without the need for professional repair.

The Fan Isn’t Turning On An HVAC blower fan that isn’t turning on will keep you from enjoying the warm or cool air you’ve called for. Without the fan, it can’t be pushed through the ducts into your home. These troubleshooting tips may get your fan up and running:

  • Make sure the thermostat is powered. Trigger the fan to come on by setting it to “auto” and turning on your heating or cooling system. Or, turn the fan setting to “on” to allow it to run independently.
  • Make sure your HVAC system is receiving power; check the on/off switch located near the blower unit, and make sure no breakers have been tripped.

If your blower fan isn’t coming on, the problem could be caused by a bad capacitor, bad fan belt, or a faulty blower motor. The Fan Isn’t Turning Off When your HVAC fan runs around the clock, it wastes a great deal of energy. If you can’t turn it off, follow these troubleshooting steps.

  • Go to your thermostat; check the fan switch and make sure it is not set to “on”.
  • If your system is running, turn it off by setting the thermostat appropriately; see if this will trigger the fan to turn off.

If your fan doesn’t turn off when the thermostat calls for it to, the thermostat may be the source of the problem. The relay/limit switch for the blower may be malfunctioning or the motor’s wiring may be faulty. If you are having trouble with your Lexington HVAC Fan, don’t ignore the problem – call GreenBox Home Services to schedule fast and reliable system repairs, performed by NATE-certified technicians.

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