When Should You Replace Your Outdoor Spigot?
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When Should You Replace Your Outdoor Spigot?

replace outdoor spigot The inside of your home has multiple faucets to provide you with water on command. Having an outdoor spigot is an important helpful luxury that gives you the same access your indoor faucets provide. Your outdoor spigot allows for duties such as gardening and washing cars to be much less of a pain.  So, what happens when you’re geared up for one of these activities and the outdoor spigot isn’t working? It may mean it’s time for a replacement. To better understand when it’s time to replace your outdoor spigot, you’ll need to identify the signs as they arise. 

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Outdoor Spigot

Leaking Spigot

One of the main signs you need to replace your outdoor spigot is leaking. Leaking can create a huge amount of water wasted and that means higher water bills. The patches of wetness from leaking can also create nesting spots for pests. 

Reduced Water Pressure

Another sign you may need to replace your outdoor spigot is reduced water pressure. When you go to use your outdoor spigot only to notice reduced water pressure, it’s a sign there are deeper issues with the spigot such as a faulty aerator or worn diverter valve

Visible Damage 

If you notice visible damage on your outdoor spigot, replacement is probably the necessary route to take sooner rather than later. Make sure to inspect your outdoor spigot every couple of months for chipping, cracks, and rust. 

Age and Wear

Outdoor spigots can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years. As the spigot gets up in age and has seen a ton of usage through the years, this can lead to wear and tear. Aging and wear can create a series of problems like leaking and loss of functionality. If you are unaware of your outdoor spigot’s age, make sure to inspect it for damage and other telltale signs every couple of months to keep a close eye on. 

Frozen or Burst Pipes

The cold weather can create the opportunity for issues like frozen or burst pipes. The buildup of water that turns into ice inside your outdoor spigot can lead to a frozen or burst pipe due to the pressure put on the pipe’s walls. A burst pipe is a surefire way to create a new need for an outdoor spigot replacement. 

Stiff Handle 

If you find that your outdoor spigot has a stiff handle, this could indicate corrosion and buildup inside. If certain DIY methods don’t do the trick, replacement of the spigot is needed. 

Cost to Replace Outside Spigot

The cost of replacing an outdoor spigot is dependent on multiple factors with two branching options, going DIY or getting a professional for the job. 

DIY Route

  • $10 to $60 
  • You may need to purchase a permit to install a spigot yourself
  • Material costs
  • The possibility of something going wrong is much higher 

Professional Route

  • $200 to $600
  • Different styles cost different amounts 
  • Labor costs
  • The incorporation of different components raises the cost 
  • Assurance that the job will get done and done well

When to Call a Professional for Spigot Replacement

If you have exhausted multiple troubleshooting methods to prevent your outdoor spigot from leaking or displaying other problems, this is the time to call a professional. Turning to a professional is the best way to go because they have the proper equipment and techniques to make sure your new outdoor spigot is going to serve you well and for a long time. 

Maintenance Tips to Extend Spigot Lifespan

Some maintenance tips homeowners can practice to extend their spigot lifespan include: 
  • Regular inspections and understanding what to look for 
  • Seasonal maintenance to prepare your spigot from freezing up
  • Using the best practices to prevent damage 

Final Thoughts

Homeowners will want to get in the habit of monitoring their outdoor spigot. If you notice that your outdoor spigot is lacking proper water pressure, leaking, has noticeable damage and wear, has gotten up in age, burst due to frozen pipes, or has a stiff handle, it’s time to schedule an appointment for replacement Give us a call us at (859) 448-7722 to schedule an appointment for an outdoor spigot installation or replacement today and use the coupon code below for a discount!
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