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6 Questions to Ask an HVAC Employer before Taking the Job

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Getting a job offer from an HVAC employer may be a promising prospective. But before you take the job, make sure it’s a good fit for you and your needs. If you’re looking to find an HVAC employer in Lexington, Kentucky, then be sure to ask these 6 questions that are essential to finding the best HVAC employer.

1. Competitive Wages

Do you offer competitive wages to your employees? A good company will have a compensation range that is experienced based. They will be willing to pay more for your knowledge and time in the field, which often translates into a company that rewards experience as you grow in your career.

2. Benefits

What is included in the employee benefits package? Be sure to ask about health care insurance, eye and dental insurance, disability insurance, 401K programs with company match, paid vacation and signing bonuses. With the high cost of health care, it’s important to know that you will receive excellent health care coverage through your new employees, but there are also many additional benefits that can make one HVAC employer more enticing to work for than another.

3. Paid Training

Does your company have paid training for their employees, if so, what training is offered? Make sure the HVAC job you are looking at offers additional training that will help you to advance in your career path. It’s key to know if they pay for Journeyman and NATE Certification renewal.

4. Opportunity for Career Advancement

Are there opportunities to grow with the company and be promoted? HVAC companies that are long standing and offer career advancement, are much more likely to be looking for long term employees and therefore strive to keep those employees. It’s good to know that the job level that you enter at will provide opportunities for career advancement in the future. This also sets a parameter and goal which encourages motivation and performance.

5. Company Culture

How would you describe the culture here? Fitting into a company’s culture is a solid indicator of long-term career satisfaction. There is something to be said about working for a company that strives work hard, generate financial success and still have fun and enthusiasm. Smaller, family owned businesses tend to be closest to their employees and understanding their needs as they grow with their company. These companies also rely heavily on excellent customer service and hire employees who are friendly as well as knowledgeable.

6. Growing Company

What has been the growing trend for your company in the last 5 years? Look for a company that is experiencing significant growth. A company that is growing is a company that has a good financial outlook. Make sure the HVAC company you are looking to work for has a past and a future. A longstanding company that is experiencing growth will be around for your future and worth putting your time and effort in to. Look for a career, not a job.

Finding an HVAC employer in Lexington can lead you to an exciting career as well as offer excellent wages, benefits, training and opportunity for career advancement. In the Lexington area, we recommend you contact GreenBox Home Services as they are one of the most reputable cooling and heating companies in Lexington, Kentucky. Make sure you ask these important questions in order to find the best company for you!

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