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Is Kentucky Tap Water Safe To Drink?

TPP_Blog_tapwater Water is an essential part of our daily life, but did you know the quality of water you drink can impact your health? The purer the water you are drinking, the fewer contaminants you will be consuming, resulting in a better, cleaner taste. Filtered water also plays an important role in boosting skin hydration, digestion, and our immune system. One question we are regularly asked by clients is if Kentucky tap water is safe to drink?  While the water that runs into your home is safe, it is often packed with various chemicals and contaminants, which means you will not be enjoying the highest quality of water and the benefits it provides. Kentucky tap water is considered relatively hard due to the many limestone deposits it passes through on its way to your home. This means that your Kentucky tap water contains more calcium and magnesium, which can block your plumbing and lead to limescale build-up. Despite these vast limestone deposits, there is a range of options you can incorporate to reduce the hardness of the water. Adding a water filter to your property helps you to remove those unwanted minerals from your tap water, leaving you with cleaner and healthier tap water whenever you need it. Water filters come in a range of options, from units that attach directly to your tap to full reverse osmosis filtration units that can filter all of the running water into your property. While your Kentucky tap water meets the necessary requirements to be safe to consume, water filters help you to improve the quality, unlocking a wide range of benefits. Want to test the quality of your water? GreenBox Home Services provides a free home water analysis, allowing our expert team to create a customized action plan to improve the quality of your water. Get in touch today at (859) 278-0281 and start discovering the benefits of high-quality H2O!

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