How To Prepare Your HVAC Unit for Winter | Prep Checklist
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Checklist To Prepare Your HVAC Unit for Winter

When getting your home ready for the winter, remember to ensure your HVAC system is primed and ready for the cold temperatures. A well-maintained system is the key to reliable service, even during the harshest winter conditions. We understand that it can be easy to forget this critical system with the long list of other winter home preparations, but we guarantee that you and your HVAC system will thank us after going through these simple and easy steps. Ensure your HVAC system in Lexington and Central Kentucky is operating at peak performance with GreenBox Home Services. Call (859) 278-0281 to schedule services.

Replace Air Filters

It’s the simplest task on the list — replace your air filters. After continued use, your air filters collect dust, debris, and other allergens, reducing the efficiency of your system. With filter replacement, you reap the benefits of a well-performing system and improved indoor air quality. By reducing the strain on your system to perform, you can save on energy consumption and keep your indoor air fresh and healthy.

Inspect or Reprogram Your Thermostat

As the seasons change, so should your thermostat settings. Most homeowners are unaware of the crucial role of thermostats in your HVAC system operation. Think of a thermostat as the control center of your HVAC system. It tells your system to turn on and off at set temperatures, making your home cozy and comfortable. Inspect your current setting and determine if it needs to be reprogrammed for the cold season. Setting your thermostat to a lower temperature during the colder months allows you to save on energy — especially when you’re away from home. If you haven’t already, consider a programmable thermostat to aid you with creating a schedule that aligns with your daily routine and remote-control capabilities. Before the winter chill sets in, make the necessary adjustments to your system for an energy-efficient and toasty home. Call (859) 278-0281 to schedule an appointment in Lexington, KY.

Check for Leaks or Strange Noises

Leaks and strange noises indicate hidden issues within your HVAC system that must be addressed. Not only can they impact the energy-efficient performance of your system, but they also pose a serious threat to the overall operation of your system if the underlying issue is neglected. Before winter arrives, inspecting the areas around your unit for water is a great idea. Not sure what sounds you should be listening out for? Unusual banging, clanking, rattling, or squeaking are signs that your system needs attention. Catching issues early allows you to promptly address them, preventing significant damage during the winter when outdoor temperatures are frigid. If you spot or hear strange noises in your heating system, it’s always best to get professional help. Here’s a brief list of reasons why your heating system might be making strange noises:
  • Air in the system
  • Limescale buildup
  • Expansion and contraction
  • Faulty pump
  • Loose or faulty parts
  • Kettling
  • Ductwork issues
  • Delayed ignition

Schedule HVAC Maintenance Today

Scheduling annual maintenance is the most proactive step to ensuring your home is comfortable and cozy this winter. Paired with the checklist tasks mentioned above and a full tune-up check by our professionals, you can guarantee your system’s safety, efficiency, and reliability. With 24-hour emergency service, upfront pricing, and service for all brands of systems, we keep your home warm and worry-free. Call GreenBox Home Services at (859) 278-0281 or contact us online for HVAC service in Lexington, KY, and Central Kentucky.

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