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What’s A Sump Pump & Why You Need One

Sump Pump A sump pump is your first line of defense against flooding and moisture in your basement or crawl space. It removes it by draining the water and moisture into a sump pit or a basin installed at the lowest point of the space. The water then drains into a discharge pipe and out of your home.

Understanding The Potential For Flood Damage in Central Kentucky

In 2020, the Lexington area alone saw over 47 inches of heavy rain, causing local flooding, averaging $3,000 in repair costs. If your basement or crawl space floods regularly, it can damage your foundation, cracks in your walls, rotting wood, not to mention the water damage; then it’s time to invest in a sump pump. So let’s take a look at this often overlooked superhero of your home that can save your basement and your day.

So what kind of sump pumps are available?

Automatic sump pumps: Automatic sump pumps kick in when the water reaches the float activator or pressure sensor, kind of like a toilet float. When the water rises, the float or censor feels it, and the pump is activated. The water then drains from your home to either a sewage pipe or a well.

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One important detail when you’re looking for an automatic sump pump is a cast-iron core. It lasts longer than plastic because it reduces heat better.  Manual sump pumps: A manual sump pump has a wider variety of uses, including basement and pool dewatering, landscaping drainage, and more. The pump activates by plugging the power cord into an outlet. It’s not designed for continuous use, like the automatic sump pump, but it can come in handy when the power goes out or if the automatic sump pump needs backup.

What else should you consider when buying a sump pump?

Battery-powered pump: Battery-powered is more common; it just needs constant charging to work. Water-powered pump: Water-powered runs during power outages but depends on the city’s water pressure to run. Volts: Think about how many volts you need. More than the standard 110 volts, you may need to add a 220-volt or higher grounded outlet. Sump Pump Alarm: Get one with an alarm, so you’re alerted when water reaches a certain level.

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Sump pumps also protect you, your family, and your home from problems that arise with humidity levels. Draining moisture and water stops mold and mildew from growing because its food source is cut off. Sump pumps also reduce the amount of humidity that enters your home. Uncontrolled humidity corrodes pipes, peels paint, warps flooring, making your heating and cooling system work harder to maintain a consistent temperature and condition upstairs.

How GreenBox Home Services Can Help: Sump Pump Installation

At GreenBox Home Services, we recommend and install products from the Zoeller Pump Company. Based in Louisville, Zoeller products address basement moisture and flooding problems that Kentucky residents will find all too familiar. Whether it’s for your home or your business, Zoeller has a variety of sizes and capabilities to solve your particular moisture problem.

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With the average cost of flood damage in Lexington being $3,000+ in 2021, taking the preventative measure of adding a new sump pump and installation price can cost considerably less than that. Sump pumps are simple yet effective at clearing standing water from your basement or crawl space. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they all function the same way. When switched on, they move water out of your home. Are you tired of bailing out your basement every time it rains or dealing with the yucky after-effects? Click below to schedule your sump pump installation, TODAY with GreenBox Home Services.

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