What Are the Different Types of HVAC Air Purifiers?
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What Are the Different Types of HVAC Air Purification Systems?

types of air purifiers Homeowners can easily overlook indoor air quality until it’s already causing problems. Address the air quality in your home in the Bluegrass region by investing in an air purification system that works for you. Read from our professionals to find the right system for your home.

What Are the Different Types of HVAC Air Purifiers?

HVAC UV lights, air cleaners, and air scrubbers are air purification systems that use ultraviolet light-C (UV-C) to kill bacteria, biological growth, and other airborne pollutants. This type of air purification system is often used in homes, businesses, and other indoor spaces to improve air quality and reduce the risk of airborne illnesses.

How Do HVAC UV Lights Work?

HVAC UV lights emit UV-C, a type of light that is invisible to the human eye. This ultraviolet light can kill off bacteria and other airborne pollutants by disrupting their DNA and preventing them from reproducing. HVAC air purifiers are typically installed in the air ducts of a home or business. They’re designed to run continuously to provide the best air purification results. When germs move through the central air system, they eventually reach the sanitizing light, eliminating germs or bacteria.

What’s the Difference Between Passive and Active UV?

Both lights contain a UV fluorescent lamp installed right above or next to the evaporator coil inside your HVAC system’s air handler. When your HVAC system runs, any germ or bacteria that passes by this light will be eliminated. The main difference is that active air purification distributes molecules or ions into the air to attach to, reduce, or eliminate airborne pathogens. The most common air cleaners also utilize a catalyst that creates hydrogen peroxide particles in the air when the UVC light hits a catalyst built into their proprietary cell. Passive UV light is more affordable than active. Pricing varies depending on system size, brand, and quantity needed.

Can I add a UV light or air purifier to my current HVAC system?

Homeowners can have either a passive UV light or an active air purifier installed within the existing HVAC system of their home, even an older system.

What are the benefits of UV lights?

The benefits of UV lights are numerous. UV lights can detect and identify bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants, as well as sterilize surfaces and objects. This can eliminate undesired scents and odors, decrease your family’s allergy and asthma symptoms, and prevent illnesses and sicknesses caused by the air in your home. The air quality in your home is essential for the health and well-being of everyone in the family. Fortunately, many technologies are available to help you ensure that your air is as clean and safe as possible. To learn more about air quality in your home, call GreenBox Home Services at (859) 278-0281. We offer clear, upfront pricing and free estimates on replacements if you’re due for an upgrade. 

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